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            Important Dates and Events

August 13, 2016                  Ford Plantation Foot Race -Richmond Hill, SC

                                                     Meeting at 7:00 am – Ford Museum

                                                     Members will park cars on lawn of Ford Plantation

                                                     and volunteer during race, handing out water. 

                                                     Members will gather for lunch afterwards.

September 9-12, 2016     Old Car Festival–Dearborn, MI

October 1 2016                   Oliver Hardy Festival – Harlem, GA

October 15, 2016               Model T’s to Olar Festival–Olar, SC- Picnic and Business Meeting 

                                                                (Application) Model T’s to Olar Application 2016

December  2-4, 2016        SCMTFC Christmas Tour–Rock Hill, SC

March 5-9, 2017                2017 Model T Winter Tour

                                                                (Link to Info) Model T Winter Tour 2017